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Gimp & empty geometric shape creation

It is widely believed that Gimp isn’t good to create geometric shapes.

That’s not true!

Gimp is a really good image editor and creator, and is easy to use.

You can exercise yourself on Gimp site! It’s plenty of tutorials!

Let’s start…

To create an empty rectangle, choose the rectangular selection from instruments menu


Create a rectangular selection on the image. (you know how… i hope! -.-‘)

Now: choose Selection menu -> editor selection

A new window will pop up:


Choose “draw along the selection edge” (or something similar):


Another window will pop up:


In “line thickness” field you can choose, or write, the thickness of your edge (8,0 in the image), and then choose ok!

that’s the result!


Obviously you can do the same thing with the oval selection or with magic pen too!

Furthermore, you can work with selections, leaving the “editor selection popup” opened, it’ll refresh itself anytime that you create or select a selection.

don’t forget to report english errors ^^


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